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Nowadays, moviegoers watch not only trailers, but also a short-film before the movie starts. iNNpulsa Colombia wants to take advantage of this. In order to do so, the country’s creative community was invited to participate.
This joint effort was crucial for the success at creating an ambitious strategic plan that, among other actions, established Valle E in 2012, a contest in which regional entrepreneurs exhibited their business ideas.
As part of its distribution channel support strategy, CEMEX created CONSTRURAMA, the leading chain of construction materials.
A group of creative and talented Colombian computer engineers has hundreds of companies around the world running with clockwork precision due to the innovative use of satellite technology to solve everyday logistics and transportation problems.
The teamwork that established the Regional Entrepreneurship Network in 2011 was crucial for Valle del Cauca to become an entrepreneur seedbed. iNNpulsa Colombia is one of the key players that stimulates this regional joint work.
The work done at the five IDEs includes tailored feedback in strategic financial areas, as well as business models and workshops in best practices, mentoring, networking, continuous assessment and endorsement, aiming at the evolution of proposals and establishment of contacts.
The work aims at building local skills for cluster analysis and strengthening each of the departments involved through transfer and application of tools and proven methodologies.
Generating an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country requires hard work to achieve a mentality and cultural change among Colombians. Multimedia creative contents, media visibility and socialization strategies promoted by iNNpulsa Colombia have been the best allies along this path.
Being surrounded by strategic people is one of the golden rules of success. This was exactly what iNNpulsa Colombia did when partnering with one of the main theater companies of the country: Casa Ensamble, ran by actress Alejandra Borrero and businesswoman Katrin Nyfeler, both promoters of theater a...
Animated series perhaps belonged to the small screen, but today they have pervaded computers and smartphones in order to make history.



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