Mindset and Culture.

We seek to influence positively in the Colombians mindset and culture by overcoming mental and cultural barriers that stop the creative development of the people and therefore obstruct entrepreneurship, innovation and business development.


Because of these, we focus our attention on three objectives:

1. Activating a national and regional conversation around innovation, entrepreneurship and business development.
2. Promoting values and behaviours towards etrepreneurship culture, innovation and productivity.
3. Building a community that appropriates innovation entrepreneurship and productive development in order to transform Colombia´s economy.  


Outstanding Cases Mindset and Culture

Caso de éxito: Entertain and Engage - Mentalidad y Cultura

Mentalidad y Cultura
Entertain and Engage

Bringing dynamic entrepreneurship and innovation to the big screen, the stage, smartphones and print media is unusual. However, since these are massive channels that entertain, spread awareness, spark emotions and promote social changes in audiences, they become effective tools that make Colombians aware of these two elements.

What is our goal? We want to inspire more people to conceive dynamic entrepreneurship and innovation as valid options for professional development. We also aim at proving the impact that both fields may have in the country’s economy given that they are approached at a larger scale and used to break mentality and cultural barriers that surround them, such as the following ones:

  • Attitude towards failure: While entrepreneurs who fail in their first business attempts are highly valued in other countries due to the experience they acquire from these situations, in Colombia they have to put up with a social stigma from friends and family, as well as the difficulty of finding a job and getting bank loans. 
  • Lack of social validity: Colombians regard entrepreneurs as capable and successful people, but not as business managers. We have been educated to be employees instead of facing the risks and social consequences that being an entrepreneur implies.
  • Skepticism on the legitimacy of successful entrepreneurship: In Colombia, entrepreneurship is considered a way of self-employment and financial independence, more than a vehicle to generate wealth or establish large businesses. Therefore, when people manage to attain wealth through entrepreneurship, skepticism on the legality of their business arises.
  • Not enough people think big: The business scope of Colombian entrepreneurs cover the local market, and it is rarely open or introduced into international markets, ignoring the global potential of their projects. It is fundamental that they believe in their capacity of achieving worldwide success.
  • Lack of early funding for projects: Our society is risk-averse despite risk being inherent to entrepreneurship. As a result, many choose to stay away given the lack of safe scenarios. Ultimately, seed capital needed during risky initial stages is not enough. In most cases, banks only assess or take into consideration businesses that have been running for at least 2 years, which makes it even harder for an idea that has not yet established as a formal business.

The challenge is huge. However, the Mentality and Culture division at iNNpulsa Colombia was appointed the task of bringing down these barriers among Colombians and has seen that edu-entertainment is a helpful tool to get there. No wonder why, since this is a communications strategy for social change that is used as a human tool to promote locally identifiable values and messages. When putting it into practice, all these were the initiatives that this division promoted.


Caso de éxito: Seventh Art Debut - Mentalidad y Cultura

Mentalidad y Cultura
Seventh Art Debut

Nowadays, moviegoers watch not only trailers, but also a short-film before the movie starts. iNNpulsa Colombia wants to take advantage of this. In order to do so, Colombia’s creative community was invited to be part of a bid for the production of a short fiction film that would approach dynamic, high-impact and business innovation entrepreneurship, intended to be shown in movie theaters across the country.

26 representatives of the movie industry participated between January 25 and March 8, 2013, and 5 were declared eligible for jury evaluation. Three experts of the audiovisual field comprised the jury: Andrés Barrientos, chosen as one of the 25 most talented movie-makers of Colombian cinema and winner of the best animated short-film category at the 2004 XXI Colombian Film Festival; David Escobar, production engineer from Universidad EAFIT; and Emilio Manjarrés, TV and UNE content director.

The jury determined that Plan 9 Media, with the short film “El cohete” (“The Spaceship”), and Agreste Producciones, with “Cuesta abajo” (“Downhill”) would be responsible for the big screen adaptation of innovation and dynamic entrepreneurship, areas that iNNpulsa Colombia, since its creation, has been involved with. Each production company was awarded around $75,000 dollars. The films are currently being shot, and Colombians will have them in movie theaters by the end of the year.

Caso de éxito: The Curtain Rises! - Mentalidad y Cultura

Mentalidad y Cultura
The Curtain Rises!

Being surrounded by strategic people is one of the golden rules of success. This was exactly what iNNpulsa Colombia did when partnering with one of the main theater companies of the country: Casa Ensamble, ran by actress Alejandra Borrero and businesswoman Katrin Nyfeler, both promoters of theater and entrepreneurs.

Our goal: raise awareness and promote an entrepreneurial culture in Colombia with a humorous play about the local barriers around this topic.

“Grandes dementes” (“The Greatly Insane”) was the play’s title, which was sponsored by iNNpulsa Colombia’s $149,060,000 pesos funding and executed by Casa Ensamble during a month.

The directors, Carolina Mejía and Jorge Mario Escobar, plus a cast of five actors, managed to secure a box-office success, with sold-out tickets in the play’s five performances in Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla and Bogotá during November and December 2012.

The result: it was evident that, though entrepreneurship is not easy, it is not impossible either, and most of the biggest companies out there are the outcome of a dreamer who believed and worked on a business idea. In fact, after each performance, a local entrepreneur was invited to share his experience and interact with the audience in a Q/A session.

Eventually, iNNpulsa Colombia’s purpose was achieved, and for the first time in the country, dynamic entrepreneurship and business innovation were topics displayed on a stage, reaching out to nearly 700 people and 25 media groups, and securing a second season and performances in five new cities this year.

Caso de éxito: From TV to the Web - Mentalidad y Cultura

Mentalidad y Cultura
From TV to the Web

Animated series perhaps belonged to the small screen, but today they have pervaded computers and smartphones in order to make history. Therefore, the Mentality and Culture division at iNNpulsa Colombia called for bids between August 14 and September 30, 2013, to choose the conception, production and online promotion of an animated web series that encourages dynamic entrepreneurship as well as a culture and mentality of innovation among Colombians.

The series will have at least 10 episodes, which will air once a month and be at least two minutes long. It will be an entertaining, easy to understand, and fun show that will be spontaneously shared by Internet users in social networks.

200 million pesos (around 100 thousand dollars) will be destined to the series production, and awarded to the creative community participants with experience developing high-quality animated content and with potential to make them massive online videos. New media represents a significant alternative to time, space and cost limitations of traditional media, and the rise of Internet and social networks will make this project successful.


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