Recently, a very important industrialist told me, very frankly: “I don’t understand the deal with group innovation. Companies have to innovate in order to compete, so what you have to do is to protect your ideas and make the most out of them”. He hit the nail on the head by stressing one of the biggest paradigms of innovation. Many companies develop innovation processes behind closed doors.

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This week, two outstanding short-films will premier in movie theaters across Colombia. The first one, “Cuesta abajo” (“Downhill”) tells the story of a boy who is determined to build a car and race against his neighbors. Later on, as an adult, his experience has led him to become a great innovator and creator of avant-garde, efficient and sustainable cars. The second film is “El cohete” (“The spaceship”), about the life of a man who dreams of building a spacecraft in his backyard and contribute towards a better future for his country.

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